From the sandy beaches of Byron Bay to the cactus-filled landscapes of Arizona, this was an adventure set to be anything but ordinary.

The crux of this journey?

A direct chip-in to the heart of Arizona for the much-anticipated Battle of the Brands. An epic 2-Man scramble with Team Birds vs Team Devereux, where the spirit of competition was met with sips of tequila, and every shot a celebration of bringing the golf community a little closer.

Squaring off against the Devereux crew was electric. Two competitor brands teaming up together; an awesome reminder of the unity and passion that fuels the new wave golf community... And yeah look, Devereux may have snagged the title (this time), but not before Frankie & Jesse from Team Birds claimed the dub from Devereux co-founders / brothers Will & Bert. 



After the dust settled on the course and the Birds Putt Putt Jam was taken out by local lord Kenny G (Congratulations mate!), we set out to explore Arizona, a land of contrast and mind blowing landscapes. Here's the lowdown on our top 5 spots, which, like a perfectly executed swing, left us in awe and eager for another round.


Our accommodation was nestled above this culinary gem, and as a result our stay was peppered with the tantalising aromas of quesadillas (claiming to be "The world's best" - we agree), and the clinking of margarita glasses. Dilla Libre is a slice of heaven where every bite is a fiesta, and every sip whispers, "Welcome to AZ." We're counting down the days until we can return and do it all over again.


Picture this: towering boulders, manicured fairways, and greens so pristine you'd think they were brushed onto the landscape by an artist. Boulders is more than a golf course; it's an assault to your senses, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. A solid round was had, our mate Kelty detonating drives & our co-founder Frankie sunk a putt so long we're still buzzing, witnessed and celebrated by Will (co-founder) from Devereux. Priceless.


These are our people! The site of our Battle of the Brands, Birds Putt Putt Jam and the hub of genuine vibes. Dobson Ranch isn't just a course; it's a community, welcoming and all-embracing. The event, the people, the music – it was a festival of golf like no other. And seeing our gear in their Pro Shop? That's the dream. 


Our pre-launch bash at Maya's Clubhouse was nothing short of legendary. Tequila, tunes, and a crowd that knows how to let loose set the stage for an unforgettable night. It was here that we first bonded with the Devereux and The Others Golf Club crew over shared dreams and stiff drinks, setting the tone for friendships that would define this trip.


Brand spanking new 18 holer in Rolling Hills. A stack of neat Par 3’s and drivable Par 4’s, Grass Clippings is run by a cool family that we had the pleasure of meeting. Chris from Others Golf Club took us out and treated us to a round on the day of their soft launch - how's the timing!? Fun fact- we actually flew in the night before and saw this course lit up below us and got super frothy on where / what this place was…. The very next day we were teeing it up, cracking tinnies and high fiving the owners… how good is it when the planets align. Stay Grassy!



The heart of our story lies not so much in the places visited or the games played, but in the people we've met along the way. Big shoutouts to Chris & Rebecca, Jaime & Jenny from The Others Golf Club, and Devereux legends Will, Bert & Sam for rolling out the red carpet. Their warmth, generosity, and spirit were the true highlights of our trip, embodying the essence of what it means to be part of the global golf community.

From the first tee-off to the last night under the Arizona sky, this trip was a reminder of why we do what we do. It's about the game, the adventure, and most importantly, the connections we forge along the way.

So, here's to the memories made, the friendships nurtured, and the promise of many more adventures to come. The Battle of the Brands was just the beginning. Byron Bay 2024, awaits, and we're ready to return the hospitality, with a dash of Australian flair, a sprinkle of surf, and a whole lot of Aussie love. Time for a battle at the beach down under. 

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