About Us

A Condor is a hole in one on a Par 5, the rarest event in golf. Only a handful ever recorded, none of which have occurred in professional golf. 

It's also known as a Triple Eagle and is what our logo represents. Coming from a surfing and music background the question that set our tone was, what is the equivalent of a perfect tube where time slows down or a melody and bass line that stops you in your tracks? You know, the feel goods, the pure stoke and out of body experiences.

What is that addictive element that connects everyone in golf other than some beers and an afternoon walk with your buddies?

We soon realised that it was all about the birds!!

Those dreamy moments and flush shots that set up a Birdie, Eagle or Albatross, all under the great shadow of Condor - the Triple Eagle!! 

That was the moment it all made sense visually and spiritually for Birds of Condor. 

We found a solid foundation that inspired a lifestyle and creative freedom to venture out of bounds.